The Power of Purpose

What does it mean to live ‘on purpose’?

What does “purpose” mean to you?

What has “value” to you in your life?

What would you do with your time and life if money was no object?

These are some big questions that can feel daunting in any case. As a company this type of exploration is critical for the health of the organisation and the individuals that make up toe company on all levels.

Follow the Sun sat down with InnerlifeSkills Coaching International Chief Empowerment Officer and accredited InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach and Lead Trainer, Glenn-Douglas Haig to get some insight on the benefits and value of embarking on purpose work with your company.  Glenn-Douglas collaborates on Follow the Sun’s facilitation team for the ‘Healthy Habits for Busy People’ Corporate programmes.

Through teaching, coaching and business coach training, Glenn helps liberate businesses and individuals from the false belief systems that prevent them from achieving authentic success. With 20 years of business empowerment experience behind him, he helps individuals and businesses live a fuller life and grow into thriving, sustainable, meaningful businesses.

FTS: What is “Purpose Work” in a coaching setting?

​GDH: Purpose work explores the CONTEXT in which a task or project takes place and focuses on two areas: a) highlighting and measuring the overall impact that an individual’s contribution makes to a team or company’s success, and b) defining the individual’s own purpose in life – what gives their lives meaning; why are they working, besides merely to pay the bills?

FTS: Why is this beneficial work for individuals and groups to do in a Corporate environment?

GDH: Contrary to common perception, money is NOT a sustainable motivator for productivity. ​The employer has​ to keep increasing the financial reward exponentially to create the same “drive”​ in the employee. The biggest motivators in life and at work are Meaning and Purpose. If an employee can see how their roles fit into the bigger picture, and WHY they are important, then that naturally bolsters motivation. Quite simply put: Where there is a strong and clear “why” we can always find an appropriate, effective “way.”

FTS: Why/how is this beneficial to the company?

GDH: The most obvious ​benefit of coaching Purpose Work is creating a self-motivated workforce. The challenge is, if people are not motivated in their personal lives, they’ll be even less motivated at work: cutting corners and doing the bare minimum. Self-motivated workers usually become leaders, but once they are in a leadership position, they still need to be authentically, clearly motivated from within, otherwise they tend to run on pressure and adrenaline, and that is a certain path to burnout. We want to create sustainably motivated leaders who have a clear, integrated vision for their personal and professional lives.

FTS: Does this differ at all from purpose work on an individual or personal level?

GDH: Professional purpose coaching can be different, from personal purpose work, but the deeper truth is, they are inextricably linked. What an ILS coach will do is help a coachee uncover their own personal Life Purpose, based on personal belief systems and a strong, clear identity (WHO am I in this experience called life?) then find a way to align that new-found clarity with their professional purpose (Who am I BEING in this life called work?)

​FTS: How would you respond to a company’s fear that this type of work could encourage their employees to leave their job?

GDH: ​If your staff all leave then you know you have a crappy company culture! People don’t really leave companies, they tend to leave bad managers or disconnected boards. It is extremely rare that someone simply quits their jobs after discovering their Life Purpose. Usually they find ways of bringing more of their authentic, powerful, talented selves to work, because your purpose has less to do with what you are DOING and more to do with who you are BEING.

​If someone’s current career path is very clearly not serving their purpose, then they will usually make the necessary adjustments over a period of time to change course. If someone else simply leaves overnight, then you probably didn’t want them working for you in the first place. Purpose work brings CLARITY and MEANING to groups and individuals in a professional and personal context. ​

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