My ‘Follow the Sun’ Journey 2010

My ‘Follow the Sun’ Journey 2010

In 2010 I dedicated 9 months to Sunshine and the pursuit of finding my inner light and flow again. I chose to live in sunny countries and combine my passions… Yoga, beach and travel whilst also doing Yoga for charity along the way.

My ‘Follow the Sun’ Journey took me to India, Bali & Australia.

India has always been my dream to visit, since it is the place where Yoga originated. Here I spent a month in the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, South India, and did a 20 day Panchakarma Ayurvedic detox. I learned new Asanas from Indian Yoga teachers during sunrise yoga on the beaches of Goa and I experienced Mumbai – Bollywood Style – while living with an Indian family.

After India, I travelled to the sacred Hindu island of Bali to meet a fellow Yogi friend and explored the beautiful beaches, natural beauty and simple lifestyle. Starting off in Ubud – the Yoga center of Bali – we created our own Yoga retreat. We discovered many different Yoga styles at the Yoga Barn and enjoyed eco-cycles through the rice paddies while singing Yogic mantras. We totally immersed ourselves in Balinese culture, explored the surf at the Bukit Peninsula, discovered new Yoga studios and eco village resorts and wore frangipanis in our hair… living like true beach girls!

Australia was my next destination
In Australia I learned how to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, taught Yoga and ‘Follow the Sun’ Workshops in Cairns, lived with an Indian Swami and his family on the Sunshine Coast (I was even given an Indian name and my own personal mantra!) and enjoyed Future Sound of Yoga events in Byron Bay and Sydney. I joined the Yoga Aid Challenge in Sydney and did two and a half hours of Yoga for charity while in the Botanical gardens overlooking the Opera House. I went to talks, meditation workshops and listened to Swami Govindananda share his knowledge of ‘Yoga philosophy beyond the mat’.  I was given a Life-long blessing by Gyuto monks of Tibet and practiced in some of the best yoga studios in the world. I also had the amazing opportunity to further my Yoga studies by completing a Fluid Power Teachers Training – a fusion of dance and Yoga – in Sydney with Twee Merrigan, one of Shiva Rea’s master teachers.

Even though this journey was a personal one, as an expression of Seva (self-less service), I did Yoga for charity along the way and completed my 4 644 Sun Salutations – finding some warmth and light for the underprivileged, rural children in South Africa.

4 different countries, 9 months of sunshine, 108 Sun Salutations per week for 39 weeks to raise Yoga awareness and contribute to the upliftment of the children of Goedgedacht Farm in the Western Cape. Every week during my travels, I celebrated my love for Yoga by Saluting to the Sun and raising awareness of its profound, life changing benefits. In addition I spread the word about the difference that the inspirational Goedgedacht team were making in their children’s lives.

I hoped that my ‘Follow the Sun’ Journey and charity drive would activate a divine spark in the lives of others, all over the world, and inspire many human beings to shift into a heightened state of awareness… it did!

My loving friends, family members, clients and fellow travellers I met along the way, contributed by donating Olive Trees to Goedgedacht Farm. Proudly, we donated 34 Olive Trees to their inspirational cause and Path Out of Poverty Projects.
In December 2010, I returned to my mother city, Cape Town, to continue the cycle of Yogic awareness, share my inspirational journey with fellow South Africans and continue contributing toward the upliftment of under-privileged children.

It was a Life-changing journey for me. It humbled me and made me appreciate the life that I live and the support and love from the people with whom I share it. My Journey taught me about non-attachment, about having no expectations and about how to ALWAYS trust my gut. It taught me to open up to Grace, move with the flow of the Universe and to ‘have faith and trust the process’.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity.


By Sharni Quinn