How to tune into your intuition when you need it most

We’ve all heard the terms ‘trust your gut’, ‘listen to your intuition’, and similar terms. One’s intuition is a powerful thing, and is built into each of us as an instinctive protection mechanism. The logical mind (and life) can sometimes dim this leading light, or can argue it’s way out of your first reaction by trying to rationalise a situation. But still, you will all be able to relate to those situations where you feel really uncomfortable about something… And not just when someone forcefully tries to sell you something over the phone, or a person invades your personal space in a queue. I’m talking about those opportunities that present themselves, but before you even think too hard about them, they already just don’t feel right.

In the last month, I have been presented with 2 great job openings, and been convinced really strongly to apply. Both did not feel right to me, because I have had so much change in the last 18 months, I need to adjust and catch my breath, settle and grow. And I’m really happy where I am right now, actually. The first instinct was my intuition, and the thought process that verified it was my logical mind trying to make sense of my instinct. In this case, there was no internal argument.

 This is a powerful thing to tune into, and here a two powerful ways to make space for it, so it can help guide you.

Step away. You don’t need to respond on the spot. If something is not gelling, or feels unclear, step away to get some clarity and think about ‘why’ it’s not resonating. At the same time, try not to think too hard about it. Don’t force the thought process. Rather give yourself space to process it, and use some of your ‘dead time’ for this. (I find driving around in my car is when I get the best clarity / inspiration / ideas / thinking space). If that fails, then there’s a good reason why we use the term ‘sleep on it’. Sometimes time simply makes things clearer – and most people will understand if you need to do that while you consider.

Be honest with yourself. Is this what you want? Is this a step forward? Is this aligned with your goals and passions? Ask yourself a couple of key questions, and be really honest. Don’t just do something because it’s what is expected, or just because it is offered. If it does not feel right, it probably isn’t. A year or so ago, I took an offer that seemed a logical next step in the situation I was in. I met with 2 people, and got a strange feeling. I still accepted the opportunity as I didn’t have anything else to turn to (so that served me well in a way with a stop-gap job), but three months later they left me dry after taking some very important info, contacts and skills from me for their own benefit. Maybe I should have listened to my gut. It’s too late to look back now, and I’m in a much better place, but it taught me…Always trust your vibes. It’s your internal guardian angel just waiting to help.

Written by Catherine L Ronaasen

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