Celebrating the person I am today! by Juanita Caprari

There is well known quote that states: “The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system.”

The way we feel inwards and how we go about taking care of ourselves plays a massive role in determining the quality of our health and well-being. So, what did you want for the New Year?

People tend to focus on resolutions for another full year ahead, any and all, to begin from the first day of January. How common and easy it is to box things into time frames or associate with special events, this somehow gives a resolution validity and purpose. That seems far too easy and perhaps somewhat empty in its conviction.
We should not have to have an event to make a resolution or to start anew. The meaningful step should be made because we not only want change for the better but because we need it, irrespective of New Year association or not. Yet… I do concede that if such a date provides motivation to set and to meet a goal then I am all for that which encourages one to move forward.
The popular resolutions range from improved professional success, financial security and loving relationships, all of which provide a sense of balance in life. I personally feel that the thing that brings theses popular goals to light which requires serious hard work and immeasurable patience, is working on oneself from within. Whether you practice through Yoga, through meditation or through therapy or all of the above, do yourself a favour and find that practice that will truly allow yourself to look within to heal, to learn and to be able to outwardly see the direction ahead with greater insight and clarity.
I would not be the person I am today if it were not for my Yoga practice and the profound lessons it has taught and given me. Through the asana, (posture), practice on the mat, Yoga has permeated through the physical aspect and with certainty affected me on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. I am proud to humbly say that I am a better person for what Yoga has gifted me.
It has not been an easy journey. The countless hours of physical practice aside, the most difficult part has been the inner reflection, contemplation and realization of who I am, the forgiving, the faults, the accepting, the pain and the letting go, yet the reward cannot be measured quantitively and the quality of existence makes the journey truly worthwhile. No-one said life would be easy and we all have come to realize that it is through challenging times and experiences we become stronger and wiser. So too is working on oneself challenging but undoubtedly worth every single effort to do so.
The lessons my Yoga and meditation practice have imparted on me have been constant, supportive, forgiving, nurturing, healing, loving and abundantly therapeutic, especially on those days when life seems to want to have the upper hand.
My sankalpa, (resolve), for the present and for each day of the year is to continue this practice of genuine integrated well-being that Yoga provides me because I know this will steer me in the right direction to optimum health, to maintain the love relationship I deserve, the professional and financial success I am capable of, and the ultimate blessing of celebrating the person I am today and not the person I was in the past!
Thank you Yoga and all that you encompass!
Forever grateful,